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Stoodle’s first day out @Urbanscapes2009

30 Jun


Urbanscapes 2009 was Stoodle’s first outing into the big bad world and needless to say, the Stoodlerist and the Scourist were at the heights of Mount Nervous.

But all this was laid to rest as visitors to Urbanscapes 2009 trickled (and then streamed, and then flooded) in! Many – to our surprise – stopped by the humble Stoodlehut to say hello and some even left us with their cash! :O

Thanks to our steady team of StoodleHelpers, we all managed to catch the other fares dished out at various stages throughout the day. In the immortal words of report writers past, a good day was had by all!

A big fat Stoodlethanks from us at the StoodleHut@Urbanscapes last Saturday to old friends, new friends, renewed friends, and virtual-but-now-real-life friends! Not to forget, the people at KLue who featured us in their May issue and opened a world of possibilities to some kids from Bangi, and the Urbanscapes team and Badger Malaysia for all their help and support. See you next year!

And now, for some pictures…

More pictures at the Scissorist and the Stoodlerist’s flickr!

It’s Udderlicious!

13 Apr

Our last submission for Stoodle-Postcards is from Ted. That kitten really can’t get enough of wholesome-cat-Udderliciousness! Aih comelnye la. Anak kucing sapa ni Ted? Kalau adik aku nampak mesti dia sibuk nak.


We have been really impressed with the 5 Stoodle-Postcards submissions that we received. Sudah jadi macam Travel Discovery Channel + Animax + Animal Planet. Takyah renew dah la subscription Astro tu.

Tahap kreativiti dan effort korang itu memang tidak dapat disangkal. Rasa macam nak bagi hadiah pulak, tapi korang dah dapat poskad karang bagi hadiah lagi bengkrap la kompeni, haha.

We really enjoyed receiving and sharing the creative input from you guys. Nanti boleh buat lagi, yeay! Siaplah sapa yang menang the current giveaway, hehe.

You will be a proud parent to a Stoodle love child soon!

1 Feb


We stoodle you very much!