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Pimp My Ride Singapore : The Yahoo! YOUREKA! Version

21 Dec

Pretty neat, eh?

(All photos by Yahoo! Singapore)

The Stoodle artwork you saw on YOUREKA!’s mousepad from Yahoo! is now probably zooming past Orchard Road or stopping at the lights somewhere in Kampong Glam. For the Singapore leg of┬átheir YOUREKA! campaign, Yahoo! Singapore has commissioned Stoodle to reproduce this artwork for their first prize for the competition, a fully Stoodlified Honda Jazz!

(Photo by Yahoo! Singapore)

The car was won by this lucky dude and I am purple with envy. Oh well, short of winning this car for myself, I hope I’ll bump into this car (er, not as in hit) on the streets this side of the border sometime! If any of you guys do (kut2 la ada yang nak pegi Singapore), do give us a holler!


2 Nov

Dear Stoodle Readers,

I urge thee to make haste to the nearest bookstore and grab the latest copy of KLue and Junk. The benefits are plentiful, not only you will be kept up to date with the latest goings-on in Klang Valley and the local music scene, but your mouse will also profusely thank you, for letting it graze its trackball (or its optical laser light thing) on a Stoodle-designed mousepad. I can almost guarantee you a 500-fold improvement of mouse performance, almost. But I can guarantee that your workdesk will improve 1000-fold in awesomeness!

Also, run amok at your walls with this Stoodle-designed stencils from Junk, instead of waiting the Stoodlerist to drag her slow ass to finish the Stoodral.

Commissioned by Yahoo! Malaysia, and later purchased by Yahoo! Southeast Asia, these artwork are produced for their YOUREKA campaign. Check out what it’s all about at www.yahoo.com.my.