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StoodleStuf around town(s)!

22 Jul

Pelanggan-pelanggan setia Stoodle, Intan dan Jaja, strutting their StoodleStuf di Penang, Gua Kelam, dekat Siam dan juga Stadium Bukit Jalil.

monster3 futbol-di-P.Bsr


Intan menyamar menjadi turtle melintas

futbal-Gua-Kelam monster6

Dan juga…


Di dalam StoodleBag ini ada Abang Giggs dan Amri Yahya

Thanks Intan and Jaja!

Official Urbanscapes09 T-Shirt – laydees only

18 Jul


We have good news, and bad news. At Urbanscapes 2009, some of you came up to the StoodleHut and asked if you could purcase the official Urbanscapes t-shirt, which was designed by none other than our own Stoodlerist. On the day itself the t-shirt was sold at the KLUE booth, but we are happy to announce that we have been allocated a limited amount to sell to you via the Stoodle website.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we only have ladies’ tees left – men’s tees were sold out on the day! These lovely tees were produced by Badger Malaysia, with a more fitted cut than our own StoodleTees, and only available in M & L.  (The Stoodlerist is in love with size M, she thinks it makes her look taller and slimmer, and she’s wearing it everywhere including to karaoke)


Proof that this tee can make you look taller. Look, I’m taller than Afni!

So if you would like to get your hands on this one-off, not-to-be-printed-again Urbanscapes 2009 tee – just place your order at the usual StoodleTee order form. It’s RM35 each plus postage, but if you come to our side of town and pick the tees up yourself, we’ll hand it to you for a special price of RM33!

StoodleTees – Now Available from StoodleStore!

2 Jul


At Urbanscapes 2009, we officially launched five new t-shirt designs (walaupun tiada upacara memotong reben). But we were aware that many of our regulars were not able to make it to KLPAC last Saturday. However, we are very happy to announce that all the new StoodleTees are now available for you to buy online, from our StoodleStore!

To get your hands on these hot-off-the-press tees, just gander over to the StoodleTees page to browse the designs, and check out at StoodleStuf form as you always have – same t&cs apply!

white-duo red-footballfreak pink-sandwich white-furious

yellow-gimmeoil white-listen2

StoodleFactory leaks: Listen

25 Jun


A rockin’ design. Available from our StoodleHut booth at Urbanscapes for RM35.

StoodleFactory leaks: Gimme Oil!

24 Jun


Stoodle’s first coloured tee! Available for RM40 from our StoodleHut booth at Urbanscapes. Grawr.

StoodleFactory leaks: Sandwich and Furious!

23 Jun

Also to be released at our Urbanscapes booth:


Also available in White. RM28 each.


Also available in Black. RM28 each.

StoodleFactory leaks: Football Freak

23 Jun

Do you have mad football skillz? If so, then this StoodleTee is for you!


Also available in Dark Brown. Grab them for RM28 each at our booth during Urbanscapes!