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Some Stoodle Raya Postcards…

11 Sep


Some of the Stoodle Raya Postcards we’ve been commissioned to do…




Selamat menghantar poskad!

(I’m all purpled out from working on a rush Stoodle-gig. Keep your eyes peeled for October issues of KLue and Junk! ;D)

Stoodle Raya Postcards – open for commissions!

30 Jul


Dam dam dumm… bunyi mercun..

Okay maybe not quite yet, and we know people are still in the swing of replacing last year’s fasts than fasting proper, but we believe in pre-planning. And what better way to pre-plan your Ramadhan and Hari Raya this 2009 than by taking advantage of of our special Raya postcard commission offer!

Begining today we will be re-opening the Commission Counter for Raya cards – but this offer is only available for 10 orders! Be sure to send in your requests by 12th August 2009, to ensure that you get your Stoodle Raya Postcards in time to send them out before Raya.


Why Postcards?

Well, postcards don’t need envelopes (save a tree!), are cheaper to post and you can even leave your nosy postman a message on the back!

The best part is that it’s just…different. And it will have stuff that YOU want to be on the postcard instead of the generic¬†ketupat pictures. (Unless you want ketupat pictures on the postcards, but they’ll be really cool Stoodle-styled-ketupat pictures)

As these are specially commissioned Raya postcards – meaning you can put on it whatever you want, the Stoodlerist at your service – and as we will only take 10 commission orders for these postcards –¬†you can be pretty damn sure that yours will stand out from the rest.


Prices are as follows:

RM80 for a pack of 10 (RM50 commission charge + RM30 printing and postage)
RM110 for a pack of 30 (RM50 commission charge + RM60 printing and postage)

If you (like some people…) have more than 30 friends and family members and would like more, just let us know! As with all things printing, the cost per unit gets cheaper the more cards you buy. And if you run out of the raya postcards then fret not: we will reprint them for you at not a cent more than the printing and postage cost.

So, head on to the (somewhat dusty) Stoodle Commission Counter now!


We are also opening the Stoodle Commission Counter for the usual, non-postcard stuff. Just note that the pricing and lead time are slightly different this time around.

It’s Udderlicious!

13 Apr

Our last submission for Stoodle-Postcards is from Ted. That kitten really can’t get enough of wholesome-cat-Udderliciousness! Aih comelnye la. Anak kucing sapa ni Ted? Kalau adik aku nampak mesti dia sibuk nak.


We have been really impressed with the 5 Stoodle-Postcards submissions that we received. Sudah jadi macam Travel Discovery Channel + Animax + Animal Planet. Takyah renew dah la subscription Astro tu.

Tahap kreativiti dan effort korang itu memang tidak dapat disangkal. Rasa macam nak bagi hadiah pulak, tapi korang dah dapat poskad karang bagi hadiah lagi bengkrap la kompeni, haha.

We really enjoyed receiving and sharing the creative input from you guys. Nanti boleh buat lagi, yeay! Siaplah sapa yang menang the current giveaway, hehe.

Princess Duplee vs Master Matrix Running Bunny – The Saga Begins

13 Apr

We are really impressed by Liza’s Stoodle-Postcard submission. Siap ada komik tu! Lakonan Sharifah Amani sebagai Princess Duplee yang lupa membuat groceries dan Stoodle-Postcard sebagai orang jahat yang suka makan cili featuring tangan Liz’s daughter sebagai pelakon cameo.


Thanks to Liz and the rest of her filming crew! It’s awesome!

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Amsterdam!

10 Apr

Submission Stoodle-Postcard yang seterusnya adalah dari Paiez! Jauh postcard ni nak travel sampai ke Amsterdam, pastu setibanya di sana dibawa berjalan2 ke sekeliling Amsterdam pula. So, kepada mereka-mereka yang tidak pernah sampai Amsterdam (termasuklah aku, Idlan mungkin pernah), terimalah…Paiez’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Amsterdam!


(walaupun dia hanya akan sibuk nak bawak korang pegi sex shop saje)

Thanks Paiez!

(Macam Travel Discovery Channel pulak dah aku rasa. Hehe.)

Stoodle Monster Menyerang Ofis Dilla!

6 Apr

Our next submission is from Dilla, who received the Stoodle Monster postcard. Look what she did!



dsc06320 dsc06332

Transformers menyelamatkan ofis Dilla dari Stoodle Monster! Ada juga satu makhluk bukan Transformers yang aku tak kenal yang kaler kelabu tuh. Siap ada skyline sebagai background tu! Thanks for the submission Dilla, we love it!

Aku harap bos kau tak marah kau bermain2 Transformers dan poskad di ofis, hehe. :D

Stoodle-Postcard in Liverpool!

5 Apr

Razman has received his Stoodle-Postcard and gave it a tour of Liverpool! I especially love the pic on top left (hehehe) but Razman, being a Manchester United fan, had to counterbalance some of that happiness with the 2nd pic bottom right. Hmph.

But that’s okay, I’m ecstatic now because one of the Stoodle-Postcards has been to Anfield! (And Goodison Park too…)


Thanks Razman! Idlan may not share my enthusiasm (hehehe) but I am over the moon with this! :D :D :D