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StoodleFactory leaks!

16 Jun

You’ve seen Ayu flaunting her Arsenal Unstoodle Print in front of Wenger, now it’s time for the Kops to wave the Liverpool Unstoodle Print in front of Rafa and hope Liverpool Inc. can secure some serious funding soon sebelum bengkrap dan terpaksa menjual Torres kesayangan.

Introducing the Liverpool Unstoodle Print for all the die-hard Kops out there. You will never walk alone, biarlah apa kata orang lain.


We will be releasing this, along with the Arsenal and Rockstar Unstoodle Prints, at our StoodleHut booth during Urbanscapes 2009, which happens on the 27th June 2009 (less than two weeks from today), at KLPAC.

tn-unp-arsenal0809 tn-unp-rock

These posters will be printed on A2-sized canvas, perfect adornments for your bedroom wall, sebagai tanda kesetiaan/berlagak demi Liverpool, Arsenal atau lagu-lagu rock kapak.

Do come by, looking forward to meet some Kops, Gunners and Rockers there!

Stoodle-Postcard in Liverpool!

5 Apr

Razman has received his Stoodle-Postcard and gave it a tour of Liverpool! I especially love the pic on top left (hehehe) but Razman, being a Manchester United fan, had to counterbalance some of that happiness with the 2nd pic bottom right. Hmph.

But that’s okay, I’m ecstatic now because one of the Stoodle-Postcards has been to Anfield! (And Goodison Park too…)


Thanks Razman! Idlan may not share my enthusiasm (hehehe) but I am over the moon with this! :D :D :D