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Fijne Koninginnedag! (I think it means Happy Queen’s Day)

19 Apr

Not seen stoodles for a while? No, we haven’t been offered a one-way space trip, the Stoodlerist has not been forced into an arranged marriage and the Scourist hasn’t recently gotten a life.

This is why!


50 exclusively commissioned prints!

Commissioned from Amsterdam by Faiez for Queen’s Day, which is going to happen on April 30th, this series celebrates the best of Amsterdam, and will be exclusively available from her stall at the freemarket that day.



amsterdam giraffe

rabbit cyclist


Each prints are signed, and printed on 230gsm Ivory card.

Kepada Faiez, selamat menjual! The package should reach you really soon. (Kita pakai Poslaju.)

Would you like to commission us for an event, a party or something on a large scale like Faiez? Just get in touch with us at stoodleteam@gmail.com.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Amsterdam!

10 Apr

Submission Stoodle-Postcard yang seterusnya adalah dari Paiez! Jauh postcard ni nak travel sampai ke Amsterdam, pastu setibanya di sana dibawa berjalan2 ke sekeliling Amsterdam pula. So, kepada mereka-mereka yang tidak pernah sampai Amsterdam (termasuklah aku, Idlan mungkin pernah), terimalah…Paiez’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Amsterdam!


(walaupun dia hanya akan sibuk nak bawak korang pegi sex shop saje)

Thanks Paiez!

(Macam Travel Discovery Channel pulak dah aku rasa. Hehe.)