Stoodle – which stands for ‘status-doodle’ – is an art project where the stoodlerist (ahem) creates a doodle based on random Facebook statuses (or is it statii?). Every stoodle is a moment captured in a doodle, making it part-online comic, part-social commentary, part-snapshot of our daily lives, and part-time wastage and displacement therapy for the stoodlerist.

While all facebook statii are considered, at the moment this is limited to the statii of people in the stoodlerist’s Facebook network. In the very near future, we are looking to expand this into other networks.


Every stoodle is created with tender love and care, and we would like to assure you that every stoodle-birth is legitimate. To maintain an element of surprise – and hopefully, to produce something that you will enjoy and love, we do use random statii to create our stoodles. However, no stoodle is ever born with malicious intent. To that end, if you are offended that your status has been stoodled, in the first instance please contact the stoodlerist so that we can take it off the project.


The Stoodle Team

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