Bernard Sia on March 14, 2011

23 Mar

Stoodle x Weddingkami collabo!

14 Mar

A Stoodle-infused wedding invite, made interactive by Weddingkami. Have a look at the full thing here. Pretty cool, yes?

Congrats Khair and Shairah!

Feroza Sulaiman on Jan 13, 2011

22 Feb

Noor Aqilah Mt on Jan 14, 2011

8 Feb


21 Jan

Halo! Halo! The Stoodlerist draws other stuff than Stoodles too, so bookmark/follow her on her Tumblr site to keep track of, er, her other stuff.

Such as the above pile of yumminess!

Famia Huzaimatus on Jan 13, 2011

21 Jan

Drawn on iPad.

Khairie Rahman on Jan 13, 2011

18 Jan

Here’s a tribute to everyone’s obsession these days.

Happy Belated New Year everyone!