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free D.I.Y. kad raya from Stoodle!

20 Aug

We stopped taking commissioned orders for Raya cards this year because we thought this would be more fun to do!

Those of you born in the 80’s sure remember this cool little thing called Kalkitos, where they give you sheet of sticky material containing the elements, and they give you another sheet with the background for you to creatively ‘gores’ the elements on.

Well, our FREE D.I.Y kad raya works something like that! Only digitally, of course.

(This is the D.I.Y. kad raya that we want to give you. It has the moon, some stars, some kids, some ketupats and a lemang)

Included in the pack is an EPS file and a hi-res JPG file.

Okay, JPG you’re familiar with, but what is an EPS file?

EPS format is a vector format, which you can open in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The beauty of vector format is that you can blow it up to any size, and the quality will not suffer. You can even print this on a billboard!

So included in the EPS file are all the elements you need to make your own Raya card. You can resize them, change their colors, rearrange them, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

Here are some samples of how you can play around with the elements provided in the set:

More fun than a standard Raya card, right? And what’s more fun is that we’re giving it to you for FREE! Offer lasts until end of Ramadhan. After that it won’t be free anymore, haha.

Click on one of these links to download format of your choice:

EPS format (vector)

PSD format for Photoshop (layered bitmap) *newly added*

Hi-res JPG format (bitmap)

Go crazy, guys! You can send it to friends over email, or you can even send it to a printer for an old-school raya card, or print it yourself at home. Make sure you upload your creations to our Facebook page when you’re done and share the fun!

Stuck? Not sure how to use Illustrator? Drop us a line at


If you’re interested in more of the Stoodlerist’s vector stuff, you can purchase them at her iStockPhoto portfolio. She’ll be adding more stuff in time, to cover a broad range of topics. If you’re looking for an illustration for a particular subject and not find it there, drop us an email with your suggestion.

It’s a lot cheaper and faster than ordering a commissioned artwork!

Email us at if you’d like to buy them, so we can give you some free credits for your first purchase! :)

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selamat berpuasa ye!

10 Aug

cari makan

12 May

The Stoodlerist got featured on the Cari Makan section in this month’s KLue. Read the interview here.

We think you’re cool – Floppy Records

3 Mar

Floppy Records has launched their official website, designed by the Stoodlerist! Here you’ll find stuff relating to Flop Poppy, and other artistes under the Floppy Records label. Kalau korang nak submit demo pun boleh, kut2 lepas ni boleh jadi rockstar, kan?

Check it out at

The Stoodlerist, plugged

5 Feb

The Stoodlerist has finally stopped horsing around and came up with her own proper portfolio. So, if you, or anyone you know, is looking for someone to make stuff pretty, have a browse through to see if she’s got the right stuff for you.

Pass it around, thanks guys!

ps: ‘make stuff pretty’ excludes cosmetic surgery services. Just in case anyone’s asking.

Pimp My Ride Singapore : The Yahoo! YOUREKA! Version

21 Dec

Pretty neat, eh?

(All photos by Yahoo! Singapore)

The Stoodle artwork you saw on YOUREKA!’s mousepad from Yahoo! is now probably zooming past Orchard Road or stopping at the lights somewhere in Kampong Glam. For the Singapore leg of┬átheir YOUREKA! campaign, Yahoo! Singapore has commissioned Stoodle to reproduce this artwork for their first prize for the competition, a fully Stoodlified Honda Jazz!

(Photo by Yahoo! Singapore)

The car was won by this lucky dude and I am purple with envy. Oh well, short of winning this car for myself, I hope I’ll bump into this car (er, not as in hit) on the streets this side of the border sometime! If any of you guys do (kut2 la ada yang nak pegi Singapore), do give us a holler!

Flop Poppy Acoustic Showcase @ Studio Cafe

22 Nov

The Stoodlerist is still a little starstruck from hobnobbing with her favourite karaoke song idols, so here are pictures instead:

If you care for some really infectious pop tunes and (ahem) some contagious cover artwork, Flop Poppy’s Rasa album will be out in stores tomorrow! (kata Andy la, kalau besok tak jumpa kat kedai korang sound dia k?)