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apebarang arthunt – TOMORROW 3PM!

8 Nov

Don’t miss out! 30++ new paintings to be released! That’s a lot of new paintings!




apebarang opens!

12 Oct


We interrupt your regular Stoodle programming to bring you this little announcement…


The Stoodlerist has opened her own online store, where she sells original paintings and other goodies. Come by!

ps: most items are already sold out for now, but stay tuned for the next round of fresh batch!


stoodle-doodles on The Network

31 Mar

Full story on the Stoodlerist’s tumblr.

Stoodle x Weddingkami collabo!

14 Mar

A Stoodle-infused wedding invite, made interactive by Weddingkami. Have a look at the full thing here. Pretty cool, yes?

Congrats Khair and Shairah!


21 Jan

Halo! Halo! The Stoodlerist draws other stuff than Stoodles too, so bookmark/follow her on her Tumblr site to keep track of, er, her other stuff.

Such as the above pile of yumminess!

maakanlah keetupat iiini

7 Sep

Selamat Hari Raya, dan berhati-hatilah di Jalan Raya.

I’m a Serious Arrr-tist Series

24 Aug

The Stoodlerist is dabbling (like, literally) in the world of serious artsiness and is fancying herself on getting a beret and an easel to complete her look. She released her first batch of acrylic paintings yesterday and 5 of 6 of them were gone in matter of hours!

Thanks guys, until the next batch, okay?

You can view the first batch here: