Stoodle Commissioned Artwork will be going on hiatus…for a while!

29 May


With all our friends helping us, it is sometimes easy to forget that the StoodleTeam are only a duo; and that we only have one Stoodlerist. (Cue chant: There’s only one… Stoodlerist… – hanya relevant untuk mereka yang minat bola).

To that end, we’ve had to refocus our efforts in manning the Stoodle Commission Counter to other things that need to be adressed rather urgently, and therefore we are not taking any more new Stoodle Commission orders after 31 May 2009 until July 2009. So if you’ve got that card that needs to be stoodled, or that blog banner that needs a revamp, please place your orders before 23:59 31 May 2009 (Malaysian time).

Fret not, all work that has already been commissioned will be completed and mailed out. StoodleStuf and StoodleTees will still be available as usual. We’re just closing the Commission Counter for a month for new orders, so that we can focus on bringing you an even better Stoodle Experience.

And you can still see us at Urbanscapes 2009 ;)

No ticket? Well, our giveaway is still open…


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