The Stoorist in Paris (wah that rhymes!)

4 May

While the Stoorist has now returned to greener pastures, we are still trying to catch up with her on her adventures.

Upon leaving London, the Stoorist took the Eurostar to Paris. Here is a picture of what it looked like in the tunnel underneath the sea which took the train from one side of the English Channel to the other.


The Stoorist spent a few days in what Trip Advisor reckons is the most overrated city in Europe: Paris! (We are waiting to confirm whether the Stoorist agrees with the people who responded to that survey).

But overrated or not, Paris is home to the Hunchback – or at least, the home of Quasimodo, the Notre Dame.


Interestingly, while such titled, Victor Hugo’s 1831 classic is more of a story of the aftermath of the French Revolution, and Hugp (I am told, I didn’t speak to him personally) wrote the piece with the Cathedral, rather than its bell-ringer, as the main centrepiece.

And moving from one literary classic to another less-classic tome, the Stoorist and Rubiah went to look-see this:

Can you guess which book / movie this came from?

Movie sets aside, a bit of history entered the sightseeing setlist, when the Stoorist paid a visit to the not-so-humble abode of Louis XIV (and XV, and XVI after him) in Versailles:


And finally…

what would a visit to Paris be without a pose in the foreground of this famous landmark:


… And as the Stoorist leaves Paris, we catch up with her as she seeks Heidi in the Alps (and dines in the footsteps of James Bond while she’s at it!)


One Response to “The Stoorist in Paris (wah that rhymes!)”

  1. Kokes May 5, 2009 at 12:59 am #

    I was definitely underwhelmed by Paris – in terms of its buildings and grandeur. I remember being disappointed with the interior of Notre Dame. From what I had read, Versailles sounded like a really grand palace, but I think the Schönbrunn beats it hands down. And if you really want extravagant, try Peterhof near St. Petersburg.

    Berthillon ice cream though, is really out of this world. YUMMMY!

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