Stoodle in Western Europe!

15 Apr


We at the Stoodle Office don’t like to be too ambitious. It does not suit our laidback Bangi nature. So instead of aiming for world domination, we are starting slightly smaller – we are aiming for Western Europe instead!

Introducing Kokes the Stoorist!

You may have noticed her cameos on the website, and you may have been wondering who, what and where.. well wonder no more! Our friend (and erstwhile supporter-cum-customer) Kokes is backpacking around (Western) Europe and she is bringing along the Stoodle-Cube aka Rubiah. As our Stoodle Ambassador, Kokes will be be taking pictures of Rubiah along the way, tacking them onto the tales she will be be telling us!

Stay tuned for the (mis)Adventures of the Stoorist and Rubiah!


One Response to “Stoodle in Western Europe!”

  1. F.Idrus April 17, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Hi Kokes! *sambil lambai2 dia tgh tido*

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